Stooksberry Announces City Council Candidacy

Local business owner, Libertarian activist, and City of Delta resident, Jay Stooksberry is officially running for City Council. Filing his candidate affidavit on October 13th, Stooksberry begins his campaign for the April 2018 elections. He is seeking to fill the at-large seat that will soon be vacated by Mayor Ed Sisson. 

“City of Delta is in dire need of reform,” says Stooksberry. “From expensive boondoggles that have brokered our city’s financial future to burdensome code enforcement that has made it unnecessarily difficult to start a business, there are a lot of messes clean up.”

As a council member, Stooksberry hopes to spearhead a number of proposals that drastically rein in wasteful spending and audit existing city procedures. On his campaign website (, he lays a number of “day one actions” of his platform, which include developing plans to eliminate all subsidies to the Devil’s Thumb golf course, reforming the Delta Urban Renewal Authority, and phasing out antiquated city regulations that may be hinder business growth. 

“City of Delta has earned a reputation for being a bad place to set up shop, and this reputation increases the cost of doing business in city limits,” Stooksberry adds. “Contractors will charge 30% more on their bids to cover the pain and suffering of dealing with our local government.”

“Our public officials need a friendly reminder that they serve Delta citizens, not the other way around,” he continues.

Originally from the Front Range, Stooksberry moved to Delta six years ago with his wife, Carrie Boyd. Together, they worked with Carrie’s mother, Cathy Boyd, to open CB’s Tavern, a local bar and restaurant located on Main Street. The project required remodeling and refurbishing a historic building, installing a commercial kitchen, and later adding on a banquet hall and event space.

Since moving here, Stooksberry has been an active contributor to many local initiatives and projects. Serving as Regional Development Coordinator for Region 10, Stooksberry wrote and assisted on several large-scale grants, which funded small business loans, broadband development, and other various community development projects within the six-county region.

He currently serves as the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Delta County, a Board Director for Delta Area Chamber of Commerce, and a Planning Commissioner for City of Delta.

He also “moonlights” as a web developer, marketing consultant, and freelance writer. He has been published in The Denver Post, Daily Sentinel, Foundation for Economic Education, Reason Magazine, Independent Voter, and several other publications.

For more information about his campaign, Stooksberry encourages voters to visit