Fiscal Responsibility

Core Principles

  • All expenditures must be accounted for and justified
  • Stop brokering the future of our city
  • No more boondoggles that drain funds from essential services

"Day One" Actions

  • Appoint a task force to identify solutions that would:
    • Eliminate all subsidies to Devil's Thumb golf course
    • Reduce debt exposure caused by Confluence Drive/truck bypass
    • Revisit Better Cities studies and identify ways to improve and diversify revenue sources for beleaguered city funds 
  • Present a resolution demanding that all current City Council members swear an oath to never vote in favor of new debt
  • Donate my monthly stipend back to a reserve fund to be used for a future year-end project

Long Term Goals

  • Strive to put Delta in a better financial position than how "I found it"
  • Encourage my fellow council members to also donate their stipends to create a reserve fund to be used for year-end project (scholarship, community program, donation, etc.)