Limited Government

Core Principles

  • Government is best when its scope is narrow and well-defined
  • City officials and employees are public servants and must be responsive to the citizenry, not the other way around

"Day One" Actions

  • Appoint a task force designed to address code enforcement, by identifying best practices from other municipalities that have been able to develop economically while still being compliant with code
  • Start the conversation to reform, renegotiate, or abolish the Delta Urban Renewal Authority (DURA), with the intended goal of narrowing its scope, stopping the organization's mission creep, halting its blatant extortion of funds from vital services, and repairing the strained relationships with other institutions this entity has caused
  • Identify and abolish any and all regulations that empower City to leverage eminent domain
  • Appoint a task force to audit all existing regulations with the goal of eliminating anything useless and/or outdated

Long Term Goals

  • Find creative ways to transfer public services to private sector, such as public-private partnership models, so long as it enhances competition and reduces public cost
  • Drastically reform all departments that have a bad reputation for abuse