Whether you want to believe or not, retail marijuana will be in Delta at some point. Opponents simply need to accept that it is just a matter of time—whether it is rescheduled on the federal level or whether an older generation of thinking is replaced by a younger one—before marijuana dispensaries will be on Main Street.

For a community that often votes in favor of limited government and free markets, it seems odd that there is still an unwillingness to accept a perfectly legal business model—one that has increasingly embraced nationwide and is minting countless new millionaires with each passing business cycle.

Concerns about safety and lawlessness are often unfounded and without evidence. Research continues to indicate that drops in crime rates in communities that legalized recreational marijuana.

Retail marijuana won’t save the economic future of Delta, but it will do far less harm than allowing antiquated fears of "Reefer Madness" to dictate the marketplace. It's time that we are genuine in our support of free markets. 

I call upon City leadership to:

  • Support the current petition for a new ordinance

  • If this drive fails, recommend that a revised ordinance be submitted for the City Council to approve (ordinances don’t have to be voted on)

  • Strive to treat retail marijuana businesses equally and fairly in terms of zoning, license, etc.

  • Advocate for all and any efforts to diversify and modernize Delta’s retail cannabis marketplace