Simply put, I write press releases that get published.

You or your organization have done something great—received a million dollar grant, invented something that will change the world, or brokered a peace deal between the Israelis and Palestinians. Now, it is time to alert the press!

A well-timed press release can generate a buzz about your accomplishment and generate some extra business from what is the most cost-effective marketing available. The trick is creating a ready-made article that publishers don't have to spend any time editing. Plus, the article needs to mesh with their journalistic style (usually, the reverse pyramid does the trick). 


It starts with a simple write up. Then, with targeted distribution, this press release turns viral, drawing the attention of numerous publications and media affiliates.

Here is an example of my work that I wrote for one of my clients and domino effect of press coverage that ensued. 

First, a press release was written to read like a traditional newspaper article, such as this article. (Please note that a press release can also double as marketing copy for your website.) 

After distribution, this article was republished in print, and inspired radio and television segments too.