Private Enterprise

Core Principles

  • The best arbitrer for whether a business model will work or not is the market, not government
  • The cost of doing business in Delta needs to be drastically reduced NOW!
  • Revitalization begins with a vibrant business community that embraces entrepreneurialism and free enterprise
  • Focus on bottom-up solutions, not top-down

"Day One" Actions

  • Creation of task force to audit code enforcement and identify best practices of other successful municipalities
  • Develop independent commission for contractors to appeal unreasonable building code demands
  • Develop application for future Planning Commissioner appointments that includes applicants' beliefs about property rights
  • Facilitate or support the creation of a Business Improvement District (BID), which vests authority in business and property owners, as opposed to top-down solutions like urban renewal authorities

Long Term Goals

  • Promise to give equal consideration to ALL business models, including those that may be considered taboo such as cannabis
  • Develop Delta's reputation as a hospitable place to open an business
  • Reconsider how City creates "economic incentive packages" that don't amount to special handouts for specific business models
  • Encourage unique innovative business models like coworking spaces or incubators