Transparency & Accountability

Core Principles

  • Improve visibility of City decision-making process
  • Public decisions must be made in the public eye
  • Find new and creative ways to improve civic engagement

"Day One" Actions

  • Explain and justify every vote via my social media
  • Organize casual meetups, such as "Happy Hour with Council", on regular basis
  • Start my own live stream of City Council meetings and work sessions, where Delta residents can engage with the decision-making process from the comfort of their home—either in a real-time or asynchronous fashion
  • Push back on all efforts to use executive decision, which takes decisions about how public resources are used out of the public eye

Long Term Goals

  • Move communications into the 21st Century: social media, live stream, updated website
  • Keep city government accountable with the creation of "virtual council meetings" so that people, who are not able to attend, can view all public meetings and interact with Council from the comfort of their home